The most completed ways to identify the fake and real zebra in history

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Many friends are still not familiar with the identification of the fake and real adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Boost Zebra. Next, let’s me introduce! Please guess which is the real one and which is the Fake Yeezys first.

It is set off by the white shoe sole. PK shoe face also has a white background, with black lines as the zebra patterns. On the sides of the sneaker, red letters SPLY-350 are shown. The shoe heel and shoe end also come back to original. Compared the black sneaker with red letters, white zebra has a stronger and richer visual sense. It also gives a stronger shock and identification in visual when wearing it.

Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Boost Zebra is the most popular sneaker this year. Have you guessed right? Next, let MAKERS teach you how to identify!

Left: 1.the PK of the real sneaker looks more exquisite with wider lines, compared to the Yeezy Boost Replica. 2.the white lines on the right is more front than the Fake Yeezys. 3.(KEY) The shoe head of the real one is sharper while the Fake Yeezys is wider.

1.The real one has the blended shape with a radian while the Fake Yeezys is longer. 2.the sides of the real one has a linger and flatter shoe head while the Fake Yeezys is wider. 3. The shoe sole of the real one is Cream White while the fake one’s is white. You can know it is fake when seeing in the street.

1.The 3M reflection of the Fake Yeezys is far away from the real one. When you touching the real one, you would feel rough while for the Fake Yeezys, you would feel it is connected with a spongia.2 The letters on the shoe pad of the real one is more exquisite and in order.

1.The connecting part of the ring of in the end of the real one is upper than the Fake Yeezys. can compare the blending degree of the radian 3.The worse fake zebra don’t have fluorescence lights.

1.The Fake Yeezys in the picture has the same ring in the end and the fluorescence lights as the real one. 2.The manufacturing of the Fake Yeezys Boost is not as good as real one. The small red spots are its defects.

1.The shoe pad of the real one is cream white, a little bit yellow, while the fake one’s is too white or blue. They are very different. 2.The color of the pad back is also different. And the real one is more exquisite and in order.

1.The fake proof of adidas is designed on the shoe pad. There are sawtooth in the pad and the fake one’s is in disorder. You can compare the sneakers you have.

1.adidas has very exquisite shoe pad while the Fake Yeezys is rough.

1.There is one grace in the real shoe sole. Boost big shoe sole is more dimensionally with 7 plum spots in order. 2.some sneakers have 9.

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