Is it harmful to health if the new bought sneaker has serious odor?

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First of all, Tianmashangmeng would like to classify one thing that generally it is a common phenomenon that the new bought sneaker has some smell. Many customers would come into this situation. The heaviness of the smell is highly related to the materials and manufacturing processing.

Then how to wipe out the smell of the new bought sneaker? Let’s have a look at the details!


For the new bought sneakers, take out a hard paper and pack some mothballs. Hammer the mothballs into pieces and spilt them evenly in the sneaker. As the mothballs cannot be directly connected to the feet, you need to put shoe pad on them. The sneaker with mothballs can well restrain the bacteria. It can kill the bacteria which reproduce a lot in the wet condition. One mothball is enough for a sneaker. In general, the new bought sneaker has the smell of both the glue and leather. The smell of the glue will gradually be gone while the smell of the leather will stay, it only becomes a little bit lighter. So you need to put some activated carbon in the new leather shoes to wipe out the smell. But remember to pack the activated carbon with the paper of good permeability. If the activated carbon goes into the shoe, it is hard to clean. There is another easy way. Put some shaddock peel in the shoe, which also has good effects.


The alcohol in the white wine had good volatility, which can absorb the smell and take them away with its volatility.

Method: before wearing the new shoe, spray some white wine evenly in the sneaker. And don’t go to the shoe body. Then wait until the shoe is dry.

Notes: it is also applied when the shoe has heavy smell if it is worn for long.


Tea leaves have rich pectin substance. They have many stomates in the surface, which have strong absorbability. Just as the activated carbon, they can absorb the water and smell. So the tea leaves have stronger absorbability if they are drier.

Method: use the napkin to pack the dry tea leaves and put it into the new show to help absorb the smell. Then the purpose of wiping out the smell is achieved.

Running sneaker

Soda ash is light alkaline while the smell is light acid. Soda ash can neutralize the smell and wipe them out.

Method: spray some soda ash evenly in the sneaker, which helps wipe out the bad smell.

Notes: This method can be applied to wipe the bad smell and humidity in the sneaker if the sneaker is worn for long.

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