How to tell the quality level of the sneaker sold to you?

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Taking the best quality nb sneaker produced in Putian as an example, nb super a level sneaker is used anti-fur while the real standard imitated one used pig leather. In comparison, the pig leather is not only softer, but also warmer and hard to fuzz, which appeals to most people. One more thing is the lines of the sneaker. They are not straight in nb super a level sneaker, especially those in the letter n.

As for Nike, you can see from the shape. The shoe head of the real standard imitated one is relatively rounder, and it won’t change even without a shoe pad. Then you can see the middle sole after taking off the shoe pad, there are inserting holes in the real standard imitated one. If the lines of the middle sole are even and intensive, the sneaker is of good quality. If not, it is of general quality.

For adidas, let’s talk about the boost (popcorn middle sole). Since the coming of NMD last year, the key products of adidas have been all applied with boost. It is very easy to tell from the fake and real popcorns. Light it up by your spotlight in cellphone. If it is golden and you can see the foams clearly, it is the real one. If not, it is fake. What’s more, there also goes a saying that the real one gives a feeling of stepping on a shit. You can wear to feel, and the fake one feels hard.

Difference between Putian Fake sneakers and Store sold sneakers

Talking about the differences, I, personally, believe that there is no big difference between the high level Putian sneaker and Store sold sneakers. 50% of the products in the online shopping stores in Taobao, Jingdong, Tmall are from Putian. Most of the customers cannot tell the fake and real ones. When the order arrives, they just check the quality and processing, and wear it to get a feel. If that is good, then they will confirm the receive of the order. Actually many of them are from Putian. Most people believe that they get the real ones because they bought in Jingdong or Tmall. Even the sneakers are worn out, they won’t doubt that. That’s a pity as they spend 800 to buy a Putian sneaker and the sellers earn 500. If you know the truth, you must be very angry about these platforms that use Putian products as real ones to make money, gaining huge profits from customers. Everyone wants to make money, this is normal.

Next, let’s talk about the store sold sneakers. They are similar as Jingdong or Tmall in fact. They mix the real and fake ones. If you know the products well, they will give you real ones. If they think you are easily taken in, they will give me Putian Fake sneakers. After paid, 99% of these people will doubt the sneakers are highly imitated ones. The stores, or sellers in tMall who sell well of the sneakers will order directly in Putian factory, requiring exactly the same standard as the real ones. That’s how come the 1:1 real standard imitated sneakers. However, the quality of these sneakers is very good. Even they are taken to Hupu, it is hard for the professional people to tell. From any perspectives, they are so real.

The truth of buying from overseas

Actually, the so called buying from overseas is also mixed real and fake. They can also make you confused about whether the goods are real or fake. For this, I have to admire Putian people as they can change the logistics information into shipping from USA/HK/Great Britain/Singapore instead of Putian. When the buyer try to check the international logistics, it real shows delivered from USA. The package goes around in China for about 10 days, and you receive it. This is the fake buying from overseas. Taobao and Tmall use this method a lot. Those unkind sellers can earn over 1 thousand for one order. They are really dark hearted!

There of course are real buyings from overseas. However, they can also bring Putian sneakers. Many European people go to Putian to import sneakers back. They order directly in the factory, and take back to their country over 10 thousand pairs of sneakers at a time. So there are also many Putian sneakers overseas.

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