Fan Binbin wore the new version of adidas Originals for women in the streets, and the war of fashion is to begin

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With the temperature going down, all fashion brands continuously release new styled sneakers with special features by all methods. The war between fashion sneakers are to begin. As the fashion leader, adidas Originals releases completely new Tubular leisure series for women in this September. Fan Binbin, the goddess, shows this sneaker! It aims to help the girls stand out the streets and re-define the fashion trend.

This time, adidas Originals Tubular keeps its special fashion concept, vesting the classic sneaker with new designs. in the poster for the new product, Fan Binbin wore a white sole and back ubular Viral2 W, highlighting for the whole. She shows the lively figure perfectly, indicating her personality with casual attitudes.

It is said that the Tubular Viral2 W has both fashion and practical use. It has clear outline, strong color comparison, making it unforgettable. At the same time, it not only uses the mesh lining, which is good for ventilation, but also is applied with EVA middle shoe sole, light but good in bradyseism. Besides, this Tubular Viral2 W uses wave lined rubber outer sole, to show respect to the tyre tread of the original, giving a strong sense of classic. In general, this sneaker is an excellent work of adidas Originals Tubular, and it should be the first option for many women when going out.

The fashion trend changes all the time. If you want to have a dominant advantage in the fashion field, a sneakers with special features that is attractive is a necessity. Showing respect to the classic, adidas Originals Tubular at the same time also uses completely new design. It is comfortable and fashionable, helping you show your unique charming!

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